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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Videos on of Carnival of Doom

I am loving your videos of Doom! Keep them coming!

This first one is by Hotspur O'Toole:

This second is of Delilahlee Westland, one of our Carnival Managers dancing with her conjoined twin, video by secondlifevj (please if you know who this is, let me know what their name is in world):

Third is again of Delilahlee Westland performing a trick in the bigtop, filmed by secondlifevj:

This one is called "Spook Show" by JellyBean Madison, a little machinima story, very cool:

Please come, film some more! I'm building up a little carnie sim next door + an asylum for some evil clowns hopped up on meds rp.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Carnival of Doom - The Last Ride of Your Life

This is my baby, evolving and changing, growing into something extraordinary. I've spent the past few months building this with Alejandro Rosenthal (he scripted the entire sim). We have tons planned to add and as I write this I have work in the back of my mind. So, I'm making this short for now. Check out pictures here at my flickr site. Hope you all have fun and remember: everything in that sim has a reason, so keep your eyes open for the clues.

Surfline Aloha

Come cuddle, watch movies, explore, surf, sail and enjoy. I did a complete rebuild of this sim for Rezzable with a Tahitian/Islander peoples theme. I also created 3 custom boats and 2 backpacks that are for sale there and around the 3 main Surfline islands. For more pictures, check out my flickr site here

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Cannery Rezzable

Cannery Rezzable is a sim for an art gallery, boutique and club based around an abandoned canning town. Paulo Cassell and I worked for about a month and managed to build it all with only 3900 prims. It isn't open to the public yet, but when it is, come check it out. I've been told time and again that it would make an awesome FPS map. What do you think? For more pictures pre-sl art, check my flickr site here

Oil Rig Project

Really fun build I made and simple. Made only for scenery for Rezzable Productions sims. Alejandro Rosenthal made the lighting and the effects. Thanks Al!
Oil rig in the middle of surfing sims and an abandoned cannery sim.
Dingy and basic. I hope you enjoy.